Christian Monge

fitness manager


4ward Fitness 人氣王之一Christian Monge深受會員歡迎。他除咗課堂受歡迎外,原來喺健身行業已經有26年經驗,經驗非常豐富!好開心Christian Monge現在正式加盟4ward Fitness成為Fitness Manager!Christian Monge喺來自哥斯達黎加,所以課堂上都加咗外國嘅訓練模式!而且他的性格熱情和有活力,帶動咗課堂嘅氣氛,令到會員都非常投入!豐富經驗嘅他,將來亦會加入更多新元素俾大家,同4ward一起向前。

Christian Monge, one of most popular king in 4ward Fitness. In addition to the popular class, he already has 26 years of experience in the fitness industry, and he is very experienced! So happy that Christian Monge is now officially joining 4ward Fitness as a Fitness Manager! Christian Monge is from Costa Rica, so his foreign training modes have been added into the class! Moreover, his enthusiasm and vitality have stimulated the class atmosphere and members are very engaged! He has rich experience and will bring more new elements to everyone in the future, Step forward with 4ward.

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