【會員專區✨Animal flow workshop】

外國大熱嘅“動物流 - Animal Flow” 🦊喺一種新穎有趣嘅訓練方式。主要透過模仿動物嘅動作👣和型態去鍛練體能和身體嘅關節。Animal Flow融合咗模仿🐅四足動物嘅移動方式、地面運動以及徒手訓練,等我哋活化全身肌群,甚至喺好難運動到嘅肌肉。如果你有寒背問題🚶🏻‍♀,呢個訓練仲可以幫你改善和打開關節。⭐宜家免費俾所有會員報名啊,但名額有限,記得準時報名🙋🏻‍♀。 詳情 "Animal Flow" 🦊 is a new and interesting training method in foreign countries。 It trains the fitness and body's joints by imitating the movements👣 and shapes of animals. Animal Flow combines the movements of a quadruped animal🐅, ground movement and freehand training. It is allowing us to activate whole body muscles, even muscles that are difficult to reach. If you have cold back problems🚶🏻‍♀, this training can improve it and open your joints too. ⭐ It is fre


仲有2日就到聖誕,相信大家都忙著出席派對了!不過我哋都知道,大家放假都總會想做下運動,所以4ward都會風雨不改,喺聖誕及元旦期間仍然24小時開放!大家可以隨時上來和我們歡度佳節! After 2 days, it is the Christmas day. We believe everyone is busy to attend the party! However, we know that some people also want to go gym during the holiday. 4ward will keep to open 24 hours during Christmas and New Year's Day! Everyone can come and celebrate the festival with us at any time!


有留意開4ward都知道,早前有新嘅韓國教練團隊加入咗我地!大家有無上來同他們打招呼呢?4ward為咗令大家感受到呢股韓風,特別在晨早和深夜時段增設韓國課堂,希望可以照顧到不同會員嘅需要。如果你仲未喺會員,咁就快啲上來免費試堂啦!首次登記試堂免費(價值$500)✨ 課堂詳情 If you keep following 4ward, you may know that the new Korean team joined 4ward before! Have you come to say hello to them? In order to let members to feel this Korean style, 4ward added Korean group class in the morning and night time. We hope to care every members. If you are not our member yet, come up and try for free now! The first registration trial is free (worth $500)✨ Group class details:


要成為香港首間有駐場韓國教練嘅健身中心,4ward Fitness真係唔簡單👍🏻想了解韓國嘅訓練模式,絕對唔需要飛去咁遠✈。有個令人興奮嘅好消息🔊,早前有3位專程由韓國飛來嘅新駐場教練🇰🇷Alvin、Luna和Roy。亦都準備好一系列嘅課堂俾大家,想見他們真人👀?即刻上來4ward同他們打個招呼👋🏻啦!首次登記試堂免費(價值$500)✨ To be the first Fitness Centre with Korean coaches in Hong Kong, 4ward Fitness is really outstanding👍🏻 Want to know more about Korean training? You don't need to go there now✈. There has the good news 🔊 that three new Korea coaches🇰🇷, who call Alvin, Luna and Roy, came to 4ward Fitness before! They also prepared a series of classes for everyone. Want to see them 👀? Come to 4ward and 👋🏻greet with them now! The first registration trial is free (worth $500)✨

【聖誕呈獻🎄Latin Fit Dance Party】

咁熱鬧嘅聖誕節☃,當然要一班人開開心心咁過🎉!所以4ward特別為各位會員帶來「Latin Fit Dance Party」💃🏻。將拉丁舞蹈和健身完美结合,再配合節奏輕快嘅音樂🎼,等你從頭到尾盡情流汗。感覺就好似置身舞池一樣,狂歡聖誕🎊。今次費用全免,名額有限,記得準時報名🙋🏻‍♀。詳情 In lovely Christmas ☃, it must be happier for a group of people to play together 🎉! 4ward hold a "Latin Fit Dance Party" 💃🏻 to all members. Latin Fit Dance is the perfect combination of dance and fitness, with the brisk rhythm of music 🎼. It will make you sweat from beginning to end. It feels like being on the dance floor and carnival Christmas 🎊. And the party is free, limited quota, remember to register on time 🙋🏻‍♀. More details:

【🎁玩得又健康嘅聖誕禮物💝4ward Gift Card】

想身邊嘅家人朋友健康咁迎接新一年🌟?4ward為你送上X'Mas Gift Card💳,有專業的✅私人教練堂,✅任玩健身設施,✅課堂套票!1個超筍優惠價,滿足曬3樣需要。即刻登記了解 👉🏻 Want our family and friends are healthy to welcome the new year🌟? 4ward provides the X'Mas Gift Card 💳to you. It includes ✅private lessons of professional personal trainer, ✅fitness facilities and ✅group class tickets! Only one preferential price and achieve three needs. Sign up now 👉🏻

【4ward Fitness X 香港飛馬足球隊 】

4ward Fitness一向都好支持各項嘅運動發展🤼‍♀,當然本地運動團隊也不例外。好高興一直和香港飛馬足球隊⚽合作成為官方嘅健身伙伴🤝,希望可以身體力行支持本地運動。早前球員都上嚟參與瑜珈課堂,個個都活力十足。4ward全力支持飛馬球隊,加油!💪 4ward Fitness are very supportive of sports development and the local sports team🤼‍♀. We are happy to work with the Hong Kong Pegasus FC ⚽and become the official fitness partner 🤝. We hope to support the local sports. The team participated in our yoga classes before, all of them were energetic. 4ward fully supports the Pegasus team, Fighting!💪

【聖誕佳節🎁送上最窩心禮物💝4ward Gift Card】

每年12月都會忙住籌備聖誕派對🎉,然後最煩惱就喺揀總聖誕禮物🎁!唔想每年都送類似嘅禮物,今年想搞搞新意思?🌟4ward Fitness 為你送上一份玩得又健康嘅禮物 - X'Mas Gift Card💳。 👉🏻 In December, it is always busy for preparing Christmas party🎉, and then the trouble thing is to decide the Christmas gifts🎁! Don't want to buy the similar gifts every year. Want something special in this year? 🌟4ward Fitness gives you a playable and healthy gift - X'Mas Gift Card💳. 👉🏻

【4ward Fitness X Merry Christmas 🎄】

終於到咗令人期待嘅12月了❄,有普天同慶嘅聖誕節☃,禮物🎁和派對當然就唔少得。4ward都希望將呢種溫暖和有愛💖嘅節日氣氛帶俾大家,喺寒冬下,都能暖笠笠做運動。 It's finally December ❄ that we are looking forward to. There is a national Christmas celebration ☃, and the gifts 🎁 and parties are indispensable. 4ward hopes to bring this warm and loving 💖 festival to everyone, even in the cold winter, all can do exercises in warm place.