【4ward Fitness X 敏感時刻 RTHK 】

《敏感時刻》節目內「有種女漢子」環節專挑戰各項男人任務💪🏻,主持Kity🙆🏻‍♀亦專程上來挑戰韓式軍訓。當日拍攝氣氛非常愉快,Kity亦合格完成各項訓練。對於等一次接觸韓式軍訓,Kity亦表示趣味十足,亦能夠鍛練體能🏋🏻‍♀。如果你未感受過,快啲報名體驗一下吧⭐!首次登記試堂免費(價值$500) The show of "A kind of female man" is in the "Sensitive Moments" program that specifically challenges men's tasks💪🏻. The host Kity 🙆🏻‍♀ came to challenge our Korean military training. That shooting day was very pleasant, and Kity was qualified to complete all the training. For the first time of Korean military training, she said that it was fun and able to exercise physical fitness🏋🏻‍♀. If you never try it, sign up to try now⭐! The first registration trial is free (worth $500)


大型健身中心暫定營業? 想轉健身中心但又有約係身? ⭐4ward誠邀各位gym友,只要你手持有效嘅會籍和合約,過嚟參加4ward Fitness,成功轉會後,舊會籍餘下嘅月份都可以繼續免費轉過嚟用👍🏻,即喺你有幾多個月就送幾多(上限免費一年)⭐! 🔥優惠只限頭50位,先到先得,截止日期為15/12/2019!仲唸?即刻登記啦 Your fitness centre suddenly collapsed, be a soulless soul now👻? I want to transfer, but what’s about the monthly fee I paid? ⭐We invite all gym friends, as long as you hold a valid membership and contract, and join 4ward Fitness. After finish transfer, the remaining months of the old membership can continue to be used for free👍🏻 (upper limit free for one year). ⭐! 🔥The offer is limited to the first 50, with a deadline of 15/12/2019! Still thinking? register NOW 🏋🏻‍♂

【 Teamwork Motorsport 捷凱車隊 再勇奪冠軍🏆】

熱切地祝賀Teamwork Motorsport 捷凱車隊於今屆「格蘭披治房車賽」再次奪冠👏🏻,更包辦了1600cc嘅第一、二名獎項。冠軍車手帶著印有4ward嘅房車,勇猛帶前👍🏻!雖然好多對手緊貼追隨,但捷凱車隊仍然領先取勝🔝。同4ward fitness嘅宗旨一樣,永遠走在最前⭐。 Congratulations to Teamwork Motorsport won the championship 👏🏻 at ‘Macau Touring Car Cup’ in this year again. They also won the 1600cc first and second prizes. The champion driver went with the 4ward logo’s car, took the lead bravely👍🏻! Even many opponents followed closely, they still led the way🔝. Like the purpose of 4ward fitness, always step forward ⭐.

第66屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車 🏎 正式展開】

澳門體育界有件盛事,今日喺「第66屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車」正式開始嘅大日子🏁!今日首先喺自由練習,✨4ward全力支持嘅 Teamwork Motorsport 捷凱車隊一早準備充足,預備好作戰狀態!承接上年嘅冠軍名譽🏆,先預祝捷凱車隊今屆再奪冠軍啊! There is a great event in Macau today. It is a big day for the official launch of the 66th Macau Grand Prix🏁. It is the free practice now. ✨4ward fully supported Teamwork Motorsport and they are ready for combat! They won the championship at last year🏆, and we wish Teamwork Motorsport will win the championship at this year again!

【4ward Fitness X TVB 📺 Y Angle】

成日睇韓劇都會唸,如果有Oppa陪住返學返工💕,可能會精神好多!做運動都唔例外架,但唔洗去韓國咁遠啦🙅🏻‍♀!早前Y Angle嘅主持人🎤就上咗嚟4ward,拜會我哋Oppa韓國教練Shawn🇰🇷,挑戰韓式軍訓。睇到三位主持人嘅表情,都知道唔簡單🙈。唔信?上嚟試下挑戰下吧🌟 Like the Korean dramas, if we go to school or work with Oppa 💕, it may be more spirit! It can also apply in doing exercise, but you don't have to go Korea so far 🙅🏻‍♀! TVB Y Angle's host🎤 came to 4ward and met our Oppa Korean coach Shawn🇰🇷. They challenged Korean military training. Seeing the expressions of them, it seems not easy🙈. Don’t believe? Come up and challenge it🌟.