【Spartan Highlights 斯巴達精華片段】

仲對當日嘅賽次印象深刻?!😈一齊睇下我哋嘅精華啦,感謝每一位參加嘅會員同員工付出嘅笑容同汗水🌟令4ward增加一個美好回憶😎期望下屆賽事再一齊同您哋一齊克服今次嘅障礙挑戰,超越個人顛峰,挑戰自我極限!💪🏻 Still impressed with the generous performance of the Spartan?😈 Lets watch our Highlight. Thanks to everyone who participated to give a smile and sweat🌟so that 4ward will add a good memory😎I hope that the next event will be with you again. Overcome this challenge of the current obstacles, surpass the peak of the individual and challenge the limits of self! 💪

【4ward X 400套來回機票!✈】

【4ward X 4月 X 400套來回機票!✈】 您夠膽嚟我地就夠膽送!只要持帶有香港身份證並成為4ward Fitness任何會籍新會員,立即送您🇰🇷首爾/🇹🇭曼谷/🇹🇼台北 任揀來回機票一套! 👉🏻送出400套機票,所有新會員一join即送🔥

【 🌠星空瑜伽Galaxy Yoga】

體驗高科技智能課堂🎉 繁忙嘅香港人因工作壓力同焦慮,令身體長期都處於緊張狀態😵瑜伽可以令您全面放鬆同埋煥發身心✨星空瑜伽讓練習者感受到天人合一嘅意境,但由於受空間所限,好多練習者都好難實現去戶外練習嘅願望😔4wadfitness就帶嚟最新嘅星空瑜伽令您享受最獨特嘅環境最新嘅體驗💫就好似置身戶外,遠離塵囂,盡情用瑜伽伸展身體,讓生涯中的懊惱和壓力,在星空中一掃而凈🔰適合所有人參加包括新手,為自己注滿正能量。 Busy Hong Kong people are under stress due to work stress😵Yoga can make you fully relaxed and immersed in the body and mind✨Outdoor yoga allows you to feel the harmony of nature and humanity, but due to space constraints, A lot of practitioners are so hard to realize the desire to go do at outdoors😔 4wadfitness bought you the latest generous galaxy yoga to enjoy the most unique and exciting environment💫It’s like being outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle,