Dance Off at 4ward Fitness!

4ward fitness collaborate with local Universities in hosting a nationwide Dance Championship competition against the baackdrop of Hong Kong's only Holofit Functional Training Zone setting the mood and creating electrifying vibes for the contestants to bring out their award winning moves and grooves! Check out the video highlights!

任何會員接觸到的範圍,4ward Fitness都用心照顧❤️

任何會員接觸到的範圍,4ward Fitness都用心照顧❤️ 我哋特聘EHS 消毒團隊,定期到4ward進行消毒✨。 EHS 引入🇺🇸美國最新消毒技術,具有革命性嘅殺菌效能,不含對健康同環境有害嘅刺激性化學成份,受到多項國際安全認證。消毒劑有效殺死各種細菌,病毒及微生物👾。例如:沙門氏菌、金黃色葡萄球菌、甲型/乙型肝炎病毒等。 EHS亦會紀錄消毒前後細菌含量,將含菌量降至30 RLU以下(跟據International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA)清潔標準, RLU讀數在30以下為理想環境)。實測成效,令每一位會員安心使用每一項設施✅。 美國國家衛生基金會認證——食品接觸表面安全消毒劑。特別消毒食物凍櫃,不讓任何細菌沾染食物❌。務求創造最佳及最安全嘅健身環境俾所有會員。 The services of the EHS disinfection team utilizes the latest revolutionary technology to disinfect and eliminate viruses, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms reducing bacteria content to less than 30 RLU. As No harmful chemical ingredients are used in the process, Members can now utilize our equipment and public areas with a peace

No time to work out? No worries :) 24hr Classes are now AVAILABLE!

4ward隆重推出,24小時Group Class任你選擇!平時不但有4ward嘅課堂導師提供每星期超過80種課堂💪,9月24號開始,仲有🌎國際知名導師遠距教學~LED巨幕xBose音響🎶,令你如同置身於實境之中!HIIT、Zumba、TaeBo、拳擊🥊...任何時候都可以喺4ward揮灑汗水!

Let's Celebrate!

We are proud to announce that 4ward fitness has officially teamed up with DESCENTE as the one and only gym partner in Hong Kong! Kudos💪 to our kickass 4ward team for making this remarkable kick off ceremony memorable!