More Magazine cover

More Magazine cover Big shout-out to More Magazine for featuring 4ward Fitness on the front cover, they sure know fitness is the new fashion!

The previous hiking event was a success!

The previous hiking event was a success! If you enjoy meeting new people, being outdoors and seeing the breathtaking views of Hong Kong, we offer different outdoor activities for our members to spend time with our personal trainers outside of gym! We hope to see you in the next event!

Top-notch facilities in 4ward Fitness

4ward Fitness believes that top-notch facilities are instrumental in creating extraordinary customer experiences. We offer brand new, advanced and top-notch facilities in our centre. Customers can choose from a wide range of classes, also using different fitness & exercise equipment. Exclusive at 4ward Fitness.

Why work out?

Workout for confidence, workout for strength, workout for happiness. Respect your body, fuel your body, challenge your body, move your body and most of all love your body. The more you train it, the stronger it get’s.


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Bop Gordon is in 4ward!

Thank you Gordon for coming in and trying out our facilities and our exclusive Holofit Class! Hope that you had a great time at 4ward!

4ward fitness Korean personal trainers in Mongkok

Come visit and support our elite 4ward fitness Korean personal trainers and bodybuilding athletes. See with your own eyes on their hard work from each of their successful fitness physiques. Enjoy the best live fitness performance at Mong Kok district and show some support!

Sky post - Circuit training

Get back in shape after CNY! Try out the Circuit training customized by our professional personal trainer Zelos! Why not try out our spinning class to boost your metabolism and burn off those extra calories more effectively! Lets get started!

How 4ward fitness differentiate ourselves from our competitors?

How 4ward fitness differentiate ourselves from our competitors? -24 hours Customer Service -Emphasize the importance of Fitness - Transparent and flexible Monthly payment method -Top- notch facilities -Elite team of Personal Trainers We are hoping to set new standards for performance and wellbeing to improve the experience of our members and that they can enjoy every aspect of what we have to offer. Please come in and let our consultants give you a site tour.

Sky post - 4 exercises to trim up

Thank You Sky Post for the exclusive interview! Are you struggling to shake off that extra belly fat? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Let's build up your rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques muscles with Zelos. Our professional personal trainer Zelos has 4 exercises for you to get ready for summer! Its time to take one step 4ward!

Cable TV

Many thanks to Cable TV for coming in and to try out our Holofit and LED 4D Spinning!

Nike Training Club in the house!

Nike Training Club in the house! Lace up and sweat it out! All of you have worked hard for the Holofit Training. If you’re also interested in our holofit training program, what are you waiting for? Come join us today! Exclusive 4wardfitness