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外國人氣訓練方式”動物流Animal Flow“,透過模仿動物的動作和型態去鍛練體能和身體的關節。Animal Flow融合了模仿四足動物的移動方式、地面運動以及徒手訓練,讓我們活化全身肌群,甚至是很難運動到的肌肉。在訓練體能同時,也要求耐性、專注力、清晰的頭腦思維。

導師:Anderson Chan

名額:16名/每班 (只限會員,費用全免)


時間:3/1/2020 (五) 20:00-21:30

*優先報名:Premium Members - 28/12/2019 開始  

*公開報名:All Members - 30/12/2019 開始 

The popular animal training method "Animal Flow" is to train the fitness and body's joints by imitating the movements and shapes of animals. Animal Flow combines the movements of a quadruped animal, ground movement and freehand training. It is allowing us to activate whole body muscles, even muscles that are difficult to reach. It also required the training physical fitness, patience, concentration and clear thinking at the same time.

Instructor:Anderson Chan

Quota:16/class  (For members only, free of charge)


Date:3 Jan 2020 (FRI)  20:00-21:30

*First enrollment:Premium Members - start on 28 Dec 2019

*General enrollment:All Members - start on 30 Dec 2019 

*If enrollment is full, it will base on a first-come-first-served.

如有興趣報名或查詢,詳情請向reception 5802-0123聯絡。

If interested or any enquiries, please contact our reception 5802-0123.