Safety and

Hygiene Measures

 4ward Fitness一直為大家提供最衛生清潔嘅環境,特別注重場內設施的衛生。亦喺係全港唯一一間健身中心,得到「環境保護署」評定為空氣質素達到最高「卓越級」嘅指標!

4ward Fitness has always provided the most hygienic and clean environment to everyone, with special attention to the hygiene of the facilities in the venue. It is also the only fitness centre in Hong Kong that has been assessed by the "Environmental Protection Agency" as having reached the highest level of "excellent" air quality!

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  • 場內各地方均設有醫療級空氣淨化機,空氣淨化機早已應用於各大醫院、銀行和公營機構等,成效得到一定的肯定。

  • 有效去除99.99%的細菌,如流感病毒和大腸桿菌等。

  • ​淨化高達99.98%揮發性有機化合物。


  • 引入美國最新消毒技術,具有革命性嘅殺菌效能,不含對健康同環境有害嘅刺激性化學成份,受到多項國際安全認證。

  • 消毒劑有效殺死各種細菌,病毒及微生物。例如:沙門氏菌、金黃色葡萄球菌、甲型/乙型肝炎病毒等。

In addition to having a cleaning specialist to keep the facility clean at any time, we also used a medical-grade air purification DWTB-NCCO system , and the EHS team is regularly sent to the site for thorough disinfection.


[DWTB-NCCO Medical Grade Air Purification System]

  • There are medical-grade air purifiers in all places on the site. The air purifiers have already been used in major hospitals, banks, and public institutions, and the results have been certain.

  • Effectively remove 99.99% of bacteria, such as influenza virus and E. coli.

  • Purify up to 99.98% volatile organic compounds.


[EHS Disinfection Team]

  • The introduction of the latest disinfection technology in the United States has revolutionary bactericidal efficacy, does not contain irritating chemical ingredients harmful to health and the environment, and has been approved by a number of international safety certifications.

  • Disinfectants effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. For example: Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Hepatitis A / B virus, etc.

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  • 所有會員及職員入場時必須量度體温,如發燒需回家休息。

  • 場內所有職員必須帶口罩(健身運動區除外)。

  • 教練會詢問會員過往14天有否到中國大陸,如有會請會員安排14天後才上堂。

  • 場內已加強衞生設施,包括放置酒精搓手液、消毒洗手液、增添場內健身設施清潔劑等。

務求提供最乾淨衛生嘅環境,令每一位會員都可以安心喺4ward Fitness做運動!

At the same time, during the epidemic, health facilities have been strengthened on the site:


  • All members and staffs must take their temperature when they enter the venue. If they have a fever, they must go home and rest.

  • All staffs on the court must wear a mask (except for the fitness area).

  • The coach will ask members if they have been to mainland China in the past 14 days. If so, will ask the members to arrange for attendance after 14 days.

  • Hygiene facilities have been strengthened on the venue, including placing alcohol hand rubs, disinfecting hand sanitizers, and adding cleaners for on-site fitness facilities.


To provide the cleanest and sanitary environment, so that every member can feel at ease with 4ward Fitness!

如有任何查詢,詳情請向reception 5802-0123聯絡。

For any enquiries, please contact our reception 5802-0123.