Newsletter 7th Edition 1st October 2018

5 Ways to Alleviate Tight Shoulders


If you ever suffer from tight shoulders, that is because your trapezius muscles are overworked by doing the job of all the other surrounding muscles. Due to lifestyle habits that require prolong sitting in front of a computer station and the constant need to look at our handphones, our traps become naturally tigh over time. This can result in discomfort around the neck area, migraines, and in certain serious cases, herniated discs, numbness in your arms and fingers. What changes can we make to avoid this situation?

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1)Modify Your Work Station


If you are spending over 9 hours at work, it is then important that your workstation is set up with the aim to promote proper posture and maximal comfort. Your monitors should always be at eye level and encourage the user to remain in a neutral spine position. Maintain an extended arm position between 90 to 110 degrees at the elbow. The rest includes a well supported work chair and if possible, a sturdy foot rest where you can maintain your feet flat.

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2)Stretch Regularly


Stretching your neck and your traps can provide instant relief to stiff shoulders caused by sitting at the desk for too long. Stiff muscles are shortened in length and require manual stretching to lengthen the muscle fiber back to optimal length. While other options are available such as self myofascial release or trigger point therapy, stretching can be done easily throughout the day at your desk. Remember, to bring your muscles back to normal length, we recommend you to stretch each side for at least 60 seconds.

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Go for a Massage

由於肩頸位置較為難及,尋求他人協助能夠更容易舒緩緊張嘅肌肉。但按摩只能夠達到暫時嘅緩解,如果唔由根源解決問題都係於事無補.... 斜方肌同肩頸位置肌肉緊張,亦有可能係因為周遭肌肉弱,未能平均受力支援。

Everybody loves massages! Lying on the a massage bed while a masseur works on your tight shoulders should sound appealing to many of us. As soothing as it sounds, do note that the relief obtained from having a massage is just temporary if we do not address the root cause of the issue. Remember, your shoulders, or trapezius muscles are tight because they are overworked! The are overworked because the surrounding muscles are weak and not doing their jobs. So…..

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4)Strenghten the Surrounding Muscles


In order to take some pressure off your shoulders muscles, your back muscles need to be stronger. You may want to engage in exercises that involve pulling movements such as the seated cable rows, lateral pulldowns, bent over rows, and our favorite TRX Rows. To make sure you are strengthening correctly….

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Speak to our Personal Trainers


Many of us tend to fire our upper trapezius muscles when doing any pushing or pulling movements. The best part is, we are not even aware that we are using those muscles! For better results, seek assistance from our personal trainers and learn the skills to engage and fire the correct muscle groups during any pulling movements. You may be surprised at how fast your progression can be with proper guidance.