2nd anniversary

New group classes


Instructor: Christian Monge


【Fit Challenge】


Fit Challenge is designed to work every major muscle group in your body. The structure of this fitness class gives you the opportunity to improve your fitness and reshape your body while allowing each muscle group adequate recovery time. Whether you're new or skilled at working, each mini-challenge is tiered to challenge any fitness level. The goal is to get you stronger, fitter, and healthier without getting bored.



是揉合雷鬼樂,拉丁和嘻哈演變而成的,它起源於巴拿馬,被稱為“西班牙雷鬼”,及後很快就在拉丁美洲流行起來。 而舞蹈的節拍則源於最著名的舞廳音樂“ riddims”,此歌曲聽起來快速而充滿活力,就正正代表了它的舞蹈方式。Reggaeton是專注於強烈而性感的臀部運動,舞蹈更會結合嘻哈節奏和拉丁舞的技巧。 

Reggaeton is the fusion of Reggae, Latin and Hip Hop flavours. Originating in Panama as ‘Spanish Reggae,’ the genre soon spread in popularity throughout Latin America, especially in Puerto Rico. The Reggaeton beat was derived from one of the most renowned Dancehall “riddims” which is fast and energetic, reflecting the way in which it is danced. Reggaeton focuses on strong and sensual hip movements (commonly known as dancing ‘perreo’) and often incorporates hip hop grooves and latin dance technique. 

【Fitness Spinning】

是一個混合間歇旋轉訓練和核心環迴鍛煉的課堂,課堂為50分鐘,分為兩個部分。分別針對您的腹部,脊椎和臀部而設。 如果您想改善身體的核心部分和燃燒脂肪的話你,就應該來參加。

Spinning Intervals and core circuit workout 50min class divided in two parts for your abdominals, spine, and hips. If you’d like to improve your core and cardio fat burning you should be come and joined us.


【Latin  FitDance】

是舞蹈與健身的完美結合,同時保留了拉丁舞風格的獨特風格。 借助桑巴舞,莎莎舞,bachata,曼波舞,雷鬼舞和梅倫格舞的影響,會令您盡情流汗。 在舞池中搖晃,擺弄,跳動和搖擺,以適應一些節奏快的拉丁節奏。

It is the perfect combination of dance and fitness, while keeping the unique flair of Latin Dance styles. With influences of samba, salsa, bachata, mambo, reggaeton and merengue, we’ll make you sweat from beginning to end. Shake, shimmy, pop and rock the dance floor to some great fast paced Latin rhythms.


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